What I do: 

As a tutor and educational therapist with specialties in writing, reading, and executive functioning, I work with students and professionals of all ages who want to meet or exceed their educational goals with greater clarity, ease, and confidence. This can be through tutoring in specific subjects or academic and executive functioning coaching. My approach is individualized and developed with input from the student and family. When appropriate, I work with parents, teachers, and/or counselors to better support the student.

I welcome reluctant students with humor and appreciation.

I also offer workshops for teachers, tutors, and mentors who want to more deeply understand how students learn best and the intersection of learning and executive functioning. I teach occasional workshops for youth or adults on special topics as well.

Why I do it:

I am in awe of the beauty and power of the human mind to learn and create quality and high-quality work.

When there is a learning or executive functioning struggle (large or small), I’m honored to work with a student as we discover the best tools and strategies to better unleash their potential.

Some subjects are profoundly difficult for some students. In these cases, I believe in compassionate tenacity. We will find a way.

I believe that strengthening or restoring academic confidence and a sense of joy in learning is a critical piece to reaching educational, professional, or personal goals.