Private tutoring/teaching: for students who struggle and for students who want to go from good to great

Writing: homework assignments, essays, college application essays, essay prep for ACT/SAT, undergraduate and graduate level college writing, personal and creative projects, 1:1 classes for homeschool students, gifted students, and students with gaps in prior knowledge. Online available.

Reading: support and strategies for students with dyslexia, students who struggle with reading for other reasons, and students who wish to strengthen their vocabulary, comprehension and/or critical thinking skills for middle or high school, college, and beyond.

Academic and Executive Functioning Coaching:

Learning Strategies: test taking, study skills, comprehension, memorization

Executive Functioning: time management, planning, organizing, prioritizing, focus, etc. for school and for life. ADD/ADHD friendly. Support and advising for college students.

Educational Therapy:

A customized combination of tutoring and/or executive functioning support for complex learning profiles. Can assist parents/students with understanding assessments, designing and sequencing goals, planning for possible accommodations, and advocacy. Will attend IEP/504 meetings, if requested.

Talks and Workshops:

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